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The Temple Community is affiliated with a powerful group of independent holistic practitioners that offer their services to support and nurture the spiritual growth of our membership. Are you interested in becoming a part of a vibrant Center of Consciouness and community of healers? Inquire about joining our community as an independent practitioner.

Indira Bhagavati

Spiritual Head of the Temple, Spiritual Guide, Life Coach

Indira Bhagavati serves as Spiritual Head of the Temple of the Inner Self. She is a teacher, spiritual leader and life-force coach. In addition to certification as a Life Coach, and several years study with the gurus of the Taoist Yogi Christ lineage, she studied Nonviolent Communication with founder M. Rosenberg, Alchemical Hypnotherapy with founder D. Quigley, Yoga Nidra with Yogi Amrit Desai, and Dying Consciously with shamans Linda Finch & Alberto Villoldo. Indira is a also certified NLP Coach and has completed 100 hours of Strategic Intervention Coaching with Anthony Robbins. On October 2, 2013, the Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage of North America acknowledged Indira for reaching among the highest levels of spiritual attainment recognized by the Lineage. She continues ongoing studies and teaches side-by-side with her beloved mentor, Munishwarji.  Indira is the creator of the Connecting All Hearts™ meditation, which she shares by podcast (see recordings on FaceBook channel "ALLONEPEACE"). To request an appointment, click here.​ 


Founder of the Temple, Author, Spiritual Teacher

Munishwarji  is a Teacher of Holy Mysteries. His Mission is to empower spiritual teachers and healers with profound inner resources to expand and enhance their ability to bring Evolution to the world. Holding over 30 certifications in some of the world’s most powerful transformational methodologies, Munishwarji’s universal spiritual approach draws upon the world’s Ancient Wisdom Traditions, while embodying the spiritual practicality of our Modern Era. Recognized as a Grandmaster by the Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage of North America, Munishwarji offers his teachings in the context of group awareness trainings, home study courses and publications. He is the author of The Secret Garden: Creative Visualizations in the Sanctuary of the Heart and of one-of-a-kind Home Study Courses that provide the world with access to advanced spiritual teachings previously only available in the world's great Esoteric Schools. Click here to contact Munishwarji.


Apollo Gayatra Hadi

Acharya, Program Director of the Temple of the Inner Self

Officially recognized and initiated as true teacher (Acharya), by Munishwarji, Grand Master in the Taoist Yogi Christ Lineage International, Apollo Gayatra Hadi has been an avid student since he was initiated into the Yoga lineage 10 years ago. He studied in India and was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Yogiraj Siddhanath. He continued his studies in mediation, yoga, and spirituality in the United States, attending Maharishi University of Management, where he was initiated into Transcendental Meditation. He later attended The Evergreen State College, where he earned his degree in the Summer of 2016, studying the relationship between art, music, dance, spirituality and meditation. A Reiki Healer, musician, writer, and artist, Apollo serves as Program Director and Senior Faculty Member at the Temple of The Inner Self. He also runs The Gilded Angel Candler Park Gallery, which is dedicated to local arts and culture. 


Acharya (Holder of Lineage Teachings) Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher 

Acharya Arunadev (Sanskrit for Charioteer of the Sun) is a teacher; mentor; spiritual guide; Karttikeyan Yoga Nidra Practitioner and Group  Facilitator; Intuitive Consultant and Transformational Life Coach. He has certifications as a Professional Coach and Kartikeyan Yoga Nidra Practioner and Group Facilitator.  In addition to several years of study with Taoist Yogi Christ Lineage Ascended Masters, he studied Light Language with Starr Fuentes.   Arunadev assists students and clients uncover the knowledge and experiences each already has inside, so they can create the life they want.

Shanti Chaitanya 

Transformational Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Healer . Double click me.


Shanti (Sanskrit for Peace), has been a member of the Temple almost since its inception and continues to share  her heart as a teacher, leader and guide.  She is a powerful Transformational Life Coach, leads meditation classes and workshops on self empowerment, is a certified, Passion Test ™ Facilitator, a Karttikeyan Yogic Method™ Practitioner, a Karttikeyan™ Pranayama and Lotus Breath Work Practitioner, a certified NLP practitioner , and a level II Yogin Christ Reiki healer. She is certified in Advanced Metaphysics & Intuitive Development, and in Light Language, and has received advanced training in Non Violent Communication from Marshall Rosenberg. She uses all of these tools for assisting others in appreciating their own magnificent light. In Shanti’s sacred presence, one experiences one’s own powerful light and comes to an awareness that we all  possess within us everything we need for creating life exactly as we want it to be.Shanti is also a practicing veterinarian with over thirty years in private practice; she has dedicated her life to healing animals (and by extension their human companions). She uses conventional as well as intuitive and holistic healing modalities.

Ishwari (Dr. Kira Davidson)


Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Author, Artist, Healer


Ishwari Soaring Dragon is a Master Hypnotherapist and teacher in the Yogi-Christ Lineage of North America. She enables her clients to eliminate unwanted habits, increase self-esteem, overcome procrastination, manage pain, reduce anxiety, improve performance and achieve their personal goals. Ishwari is also an accomplished artist: she is a painter, a singer and an author. She  holds numerous certifications in healing modalities, including foot reflexology. Ishwari is a long-time disciple of Munishwarji . Visit Ishwari's website


To make an appointment with Ishwari, call her at  (404) 982-6369.

Donna "Lakshmi" Futrell

Wellness Practitioner

Donna "Lakshmi" Futrell is a Polarity Practitioner,  Holy Fire Reiki Master, as well as Yoga Instructor with Atlanta Polarity and Intuitive Yoga Center.  She studied various spiritual, intuitive and metaphysical modalities over the last 7 years and completed her Associate Polarity Practitioner training in February 2011.  Polarity therapy is beneficial in restoring a balanced distribution of the body's currents of energy, allowing for the free-flow of energy contributes to building health. Donna continued her training with Eleanora Lipton and was certified as a Wellness Practitioner in 2014.  She leads the beginning Intuitive Yoga class each Wednesday evening before the community Satsang.  Intuitive Yoga allows movement where movement was not thought possible.  If you can breathe, you can do Intuitive Yoga.  Donna brings together her intuitive abilities and expertise to assist others in discovering their own inner resources to manifest health, wellness and vitality.  Contact Donna at 678-230-3452 or by e-mail.

Eleanora Lipton

Founding Director of Atlanta Polarity & Intuitive Yoga Center (APC), Polarity Educator

Eleanora Lipton is the Founding Director of Atlanta Polarity & Intuitive Yoga Center (APC), now in its 23rd year and the Director of the Intuitive Yoga Program at The Temple Community. Eleanora offers private sessions in deep therapeutic massage and energy-based polarity massage therapy. Deep massage offers relief to overstressed muscles, injuries, athletic stress, and day-to-day life. Polarity Energy Massage reaches into deeply held stress patterns both physically and mentally, helping to relax the body, mind, and spirit. The combination is a divine blend leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, more energized, and uplifted. Private yoga sessions are also a specialty. To schedule an appointment, call 678-777-6403 or click here to email Eleanora.

Denise Foster

Divine Energy Healer

Denise Foster is a "Divine Energy Healer" specializing in “Chakra Balancing Sessions.” Certified CE Provider, she offers classes such as Usui & Karuna Reiki, Crystal Healing, EFT, Tai Chi Chih and Essential Oils. An ongoing "Psychic & Intuitive Development Series" repeats on Thursday nights. "Sound Healing Crystal Singing Bowl Guided Meditation" is led monthly and known by "Rapturous as always!" Being a part of "The Temple of Inner Self" has been a gift of spiritual growth in her life. Her beautiful office is located at the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta. Denise can be reached at 877-957-7373 or by email. For more information please visit