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Connecting All Hearts™ Guided Meditation

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Wed. 11/04/20 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time


Guided meditations are 10 minutes;

(Full recordings may be slightly longer)

What We Teach

1. There is One Original Being - known as God or Spirit (and by many other names and forms) - which is everywhere present.

2. The nature of that Benevolent Power is Perfect Love.

3. We are all personal forms of the One Original Being. We are part of God and not separate from God.

4. The purpose of our Life's Journey is to experience our inherent God-Nature.

5. How we experience our God-Nature is personal, subjective and direct, and is unique to each individual.


Global Evolution 
Through Personal Transformation of Consciousness

The Temple of the Inner Self™ is an interfaith spiritual community whose Mission is "Global Evolution through Personal Transformation of Consciousness."  We welcome everyone. Our core teaching is that the Kingdom of Heaven lies within the human Heart (Luke 17:21), and every human being can experience their own inherent Divine Nature.


Our spiritual community traces its heritage back to ancient India. Our community houses a specific body of sacred Initiatory Esoteric Teachings from the Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage of North America brought to the United States by Sant Mata Samyama Shangri-La. Because the Taoist Yogi-Christ Teachings incorporate an interfaith philosophy, our instructional programs include spiritual practices from many different traditions, such as meditation, metaphysics, Eastern philosophy, yoga, energy healing, mysticism, shamanism, affirmative prayer and devotional chanting. Our path is open to people of all traditions and faiths. We teach that Union with God is personal, subjective and direct, and is uniquely experienced by each individual. We offer all traditional Holy Sacraments, including performing weddings, christenings and eulogies for our community members. Click here for more information regarding our community and its history.

     June was the LAST Month of regularly scheduled Satsang Services  

. . . see important announcement below


“Global Evolution, through personal transformation of consciousness.” 

As we consider new ways to fulfill this mission, we are making changes, to serve the evolving needs of our community.


Starting July, we will no longer hold weekly in-person Satsang services. We will move to an online model of serving our community and the world. 


And don’t worry! We will meet again in-person! 


 The Temple of the Inner Self (TIS) will continue to exist, and it is our intention that the spiritual community in Atlanta continue stronger than ever. However, our principal presence will be online, with in-person classes or gatherings announced as they occur. 


Much prayer and thought went into this decision, which has been developing since November of last year, when it became clear that the changing needs of our community demanded a new paradigm for service.  


Our plan is to rebuild the TIS website and offer not only online meditations but also online lessons, which may include audio and video as well as downloadable materials accessible on demand.   Additionally, we will support teachers in our spiritual community in leading in-person activities in various locations in the city and beyond, as we continue to expand our reach. 


The coming months will be a time to meditate and plan, and rebuild our website and web presence. We will keep you informed as plans crystalize. Look for announcements of future classes or gatherings.


Meanwhile, thank you for your loving support of the Temple of the Inner Self; I prayerfully hope this support will continue.


One final request: 

I covet your prayerful support of our next phase of growth. If you are inspired to offer ideas or creative services to our community, please contact me .


Oh, how I love you all!





The Temple of the Inner Self

is in the process of REBIRTH!

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